VSCode CheatSheet

If you're looking to boost your productivity and efficiency when working with Visual Studio Code, our comprehensive cheat sheet is exactly what you need. Designed by experienced developers, this cheat sheet provides a wealth of practical tips and tricks to help you streamline your workflow, access advanced features, and ultimately write better code faster.

Our cheat sheet covers everything from basic navigation and editing commands to more advanced options such as debugging, Git integration, and keyboard shortcuts. With our easy-to-follow guidance, you'll be able to work smarter, not harder, and get more done in less time.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, our Visual Studio Code cheat sheet is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to take their coding skills to the next level. So why wait? Download our cheat sheet today and start mastering Visual Studio Code like a pro!

Table of Content

# Getting started VSCode ?

What is Visual Studio Code ?

Visual Studio Code (famously known as VS Code) is a free open source text editor by Microsoft. VS Code is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Although the editor is relatively lightweight, it includes some powerful features that have made VS Code one of the most popular development environment tools in recent times.

VS Code Features include support for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git. Users can change the theme, keyboard shortcuts, preferences, and install extensions that add additional functionality.

Microsoft has released most of Visual Studio Code's source code on GitHub under the permissive MIT License, while the releases by Microsoft are proprietary freeware.


Command Line Visual Studio Code has a powerful command line interface that lets you control how you launch the editor. You can open different files, install extensions, and even change the display language at the startup.

Command Palette VS Code is equally accessible from the keyboard. The most important key combination to know is Ctrl+Shift+P, which brings up the Command Palette. From here, you would have access to all of the functionality of VS Code, including keyboard shortcuts for the most common operations.

Git Integration Visual Studio Code comes with Git integration that allows you to commit, pull, and push your code changes to a remote Git repository.

Change Language Mode If you want to persist the new language mode for that file type, you can use the Configure File Association for command to associate the current file extension with an installed language.

Zen Mode Zen Mode lets you focus on your code by hiding all UI except the editor (no Activity Bar, Status Bar, Side Bar and Panel), going to full screen and centering the editor layout. Zen mode can be toggled using the View menu, Command Palette, or by the shortcut Ctrl+K Z. Double Esc exits Zen Mode.

Split View If youre good at multitasking and if you are working on two different files of the same project simultaneously, or need to check the difference between two files then go to the split view.

Status Bar Users can see Errors and warnings from here.Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+M

Debugging Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) and select Debug: Open launch.json, which will prompt you to select the environment that matches your project (Node.JS, Python, C++, etc). This will generate a launch.json file.

Default Keyboard shortcuts All of the commands are in the Command Palette with the associated key binding (if it exists). If you forget a keyboard shortcut, you can use the Command Palette to help yourself out.

Why Vscode ?

Available for macOS, Linux, and Windows Visual Studio Code supports macOS, Linux, and Windows - so you can hit the ground running, no matter the platform.

Edit, build, and debug with ease

  • At its heart, Visual Studio Code features a lightning fast source code editor, perfect for day-to-day use. With support for hundreds of languages, VS Code helps you be instantly productive with syntax highlighting, bracket-matching, auto-indentation, box-selection, snippets, and more. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts, easy customization and community-contributed keyboard shortcut mappings let you navigate your code with ease.
  • For serious coding, you'll often benefit from tools with more code understanding than just blocks of text. Visual Studio Code includes built-in support for IntelliSense code completion, rich semantic code understanding and navigation, and code refactoring.
  • And when the coding gets tough, the tough get debugging. Debugging is often the one feature that developers miss most in a leaner coding experience, so we made it happen. Visual Studio Code includes an interactive debugger, so you can step through source code, inspect variables, view call stacks, and execute commands in the console.
  • VS Code also integrates with build and scripting tools to perform common tasks making everyday workflows faster. VS Code has support for Git so you can work with source control without leaving the editor including viewing pending changes diffs.

Make it your own Customize every feature to your liking and install any number of third-party extensions. While most scenarios work "out of the box" with no configuration, VS Code also grows with you, and we encourage you to optimize your experience to suit your unique needs. VS Code is an open-source project so you can also contribute to the growing and vibrant community on GitHub.

Built with love for the Web VS Code includes enriched built-in support for Node.js development with JavaScript and TypeScript, powered by the same underlying technologies that drive Visual Studio. VS Code also includes great tooling for web technologies such as JSX/React, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Less, and JSON.

Robust and extensible architecture

  • Architecturally, Visual Studio Code combines the best of web, native, and language-specific technologies. Using Electron, VS Code combines web technologies such as JavaScript and Node.js with the speed and flexibility of native apps. VS Code uses a newer, faster version of the same industrial-strength HTML-based editor that has powered the "Monaco" cloud editor, Internet Explorer's F12 Tools, and other projects. Additionally, VS Code uses a tools service architecture that enables it to integrate with many of the same technologies that power Visual Studio, including Roslyn for .NET, TypeScript, the Visual Studio debugging engine, and more.
  • Visual Studio Code includes a public extensibility model that lets developers build and use extensions, and richly customize their edit-build-debug experience.

Show Command Pallette

Shortcut Description
CtrlShiftP Linux
CtrlShiftP Windows
??P Mac

Go To File

Shortcut Description
CtrlP Linux
CtrlP Windows
?P Mac

Open Terminal

Shortcut Description
Ctrl` Linux
Ctrl` Windows
^` Mac

Zen Mode

Shortcut Description
CtrlKZ Linux
CtrlK Windows
??Z Mac

Go To Line

Shortcut Description
CtrlG Linux
CtrlG Windows
^G Mac

Go To Symbol

Shortcut Description
CtrlShiftO Linux
CtrlShiftO Windows
?KO Mac

Jump To Matching Bracket

Shortcut Description
CtrlShift\ Linux
CtrlShift\ Windows
??\ Mac

Toggle Sidebar

Shortcut Description
CtrlB Linux
CtrlB Windows
?B Mac

Toggle Comment

Shortcut Description
Ctrl/ Linux
Ctrl/ Windows
?/ Mac

Format Document

Shortcut Description
CtrlShiftI Linux
CtrlAltF Windows
??F Mac

Trigger Suggestion

Shortcut Description
CtrlSpace Linux
CtrlSpace Windows
^Space Mac

Go To Definition

Shortcut Description
F12 Linux
F12 Windows
F12 Mac

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